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Event Details

Event Details

Sow Northern Seed Swap


Come to Norton Green Market on Saturday 9th September for our Seed Swap!

Bring seeds, swap seeds or learn how to save seeds for future swaps! Tag anyone you know who grows their own veg and plants/flowers and get involved. Follow @sow_northern on instagram for more info and advice.

We are excited that Norton Green Market will be a place to help increase Norton’s seed swapping network.

When you grow seeds in your local environment, you create locally-adapted varieties of those plants. Each area presents its own unique factors around humidity, temperature, disease, pests, and soil composition. In turn, each variety of plant can be adapted for those specific factors. The more generations a plant’s seeds are grown and saved in the same region, the better and healthier that plant will grow in that specific area and the more locally-adapted it will be. If we want food that is climate-resilient, we need to put in the work to increase biodiversity in plants.

Event Venue

Red House Junior School, Norton Green Duck Pond

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